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Best Sales Field Force Automation Application Features

Manage Tour Planning

Help the Employee to Manage Schedule, Reschedule. Manage Appointment. Calls, Leave and Holidays

Transparency with Employee

Employee give to Reporting That Visited Client or not and What Client Said. Even We can Check Previous Visit Record of Client Visits.

Real Time Sales Monitoring

We can Check Real-Time Position of Employee and Previous Visit Report and Status.

Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork

Don't Required any kind of Paperwork for Analysis, you can check Target and Achievement

Best Employee Tracking System

An employee tracking system designed specifically to track remote and on-field employees across the world. Get real time location of your employees, any time and from any where during their working hours.

  • Know who is in Meeting.
  • Track Location On Map.
  • Get alerts when somebody is wasting their time.
Geo-tagged Attendance

Get attendance through their mobile with accurate time and location of Clock-In / Punch-In time. Geo-location based attendance make it most reliable and ensures everybody follows the rules.

Create Unlimited Shifts, Get advanced reporting on who is late or absent, Built in Leave Management System to track leaves of your employees. Get real-time reporting from your employees right from the field. Stop guessing where they are, how many meetings they have done, which meeting was fruitful and which didn't worked out.

Beat Plan - Create Schedules

Create schedules for your teams, which they can follow during the day. A beat plan ensures that your team doesn't have to waste their time in guessing where to visit next.

Beat plan is must for delivery and service teams. Create schedules before hand for whole day, week or month. Check in real time how many scheduled visits have been completed and how many are left.

An active employee tracking system will make every employee accountable. They know if they are wasting their time on unproductive tasks then their superiors will know.

Not only has it caught the bad fishes it also ensures that people who are really working hard should not get punished by mistake.

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Order Processing

Sales Man/Employee Order Process

Mobile based Ordering Process that easy to manage by any kind of employee. Can manage the sales order and get status of dispatch material.


Employee can check the Inventory before the order place. You can manage the stock vai any cloud based accounting software or you can auto import your stock to direct software.

Price List

Manage the party rates so employee doesn’t require remembering party rates for any particular products. Even employee can set custom rate for the party.

Product Catalog

All types of products catalog with Pictures, Animation with all kind of product details. Employee can share the catalog or any particular products details via WhatsApp, Email, Facebook

Client Payment, Outstanding & Expanse Entry

Expanse entry

Employee can enter the expanse of tour and marketing expanse. Manage the Expanse the by Expanse head. Employee can upload the photo of expanse invoice. You can verify the expanse for you admin panel.

Client Payment, Outstanding

Employee can collect the payment for you client and also check the outstanding of client and client ledger.

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